Gazprom Neft Khantos: Completes First Shale Oil Hydraulic Fracturing

“Gazprom Neft-Khantos” completed the first two test wells drilled in the south licensed the Ob field to explore reserves Bazhenov horizon. Both directional wells conducted hydraulic fracturing (HF), a flow of hydrocarbons in the near future will be completed testing of two similar wells.

“Gazprom Neft-Khantos” many years develops traditional oil reserves in South Priobskoe field, but the license for exploration of deep oil-saturated promising horizons (Bazhenov and Tyumen Formation) was obtained in March 2014. Layers were located at a depth of 3-3.2 thousand. Meters contained in them are hard-resources because of low filtration properties of reservoir rocks. The Bazhenov and Abalak suite are also categorized as non-conventional hydrocarbon reserves and are analogous deposits of shale oil *.

In 2014 bazheno-Abalaksky complex South Priobskoe field were carried out analysis of geophysical data, specialized core analysis and re-interpretation of seismic data 3D. The first phase of the study of this category of stocks involves the drilling of 4 directional exploration wells.

At the current stage of studying the Bazhenov Formation main objectives are to clarify the geological concepts and proof of moving oil reserves. The next step will be to drill horizontal wells with multi-stage fracturing conduct to determine the initial rate and the dynamics of change in the individual well production and, as a consequence – to estimate the volume of recoverable reserves. In 2016 it is planned to continue seismic deposits by 3D and begin drilling horizontal wells.

The second project, “Gazprom Neft” for independent study of shale oil is to work on Palyanovskaya Area Krasnoleninskoye field in the Khanty . In the new phase of research initiated in the fall of 2014, is expected to drill four horizontal wells, consistently increasing the length of the horizontal sections and the number of steps carried out by the PIU. Currently completed drilling of the first well with the length of a horizontal section of 200 meters, in the near future to conduct a multi-stage hydraulic fracturing.