Rosneft and Statoil Completed Pilot Drilling at the North Komsomolskoye Field

Rosneft and Statoil ASA completed drilling works as part of the Pilot Project at the PK1 layer of the North Komsomolskoye field. During 2015 the companies jointly drilled 2 horizontal exploitation wells.

Using best global practices Rosneft and Statoil ASA implemented extended logging, including core and fluid samplings. Also, for the first time onshore in Russia, a well was completed using “openhole gravel packing” in a horizontal section of 1,000 m.

Rosneft and Statoil plan to hold wells testing and determine further prospects and methods of PK1 layer development based on the testing results.

Implementation of the Project may allow effective development of about 600 mln tons of geological oil in place at the North Komsomolskoye field in the short term.

Commenting on the drilling completion, Igor Sechin said: “Creation of partnerships for technologically complex projects’ development is one of the strategic dimensions of the Company’s evolvement. The pilot drilling at the North Komsomolskoye field opens a new stage of the joint work of Rosneft and Statoil. The companies are working actively and continue developing the long-term cooperation.”